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Heavy Transport Logistics Helper | Furniture Moving Lifting Wheel Tool

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No More Huffing and Puffing to Move Furniture!

Don’t Risk Breaking Your Back or Getting Seriously Injured

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could move furniture without needing to ask for help?  What happens when you don’t have anyone around to help you move heavy furniture? Whether you’re relocating or doing some rearranging, moving furniture can be a huge job.

One person cannot carry a couch up the stairs.  It is difficult to move them down the stairs as well.  It is even more difficult to drag them outside and load them up in your car or truck.  You wouldn’t be able to do it alone.  You’ll need help.

When it comes to moving furniture, you need to be efficient.  It would be very helpful if you have the right tool.  Fortunately, with this Heavy Logistics Helper - Furniture Mover Tool, you don’t have to ask for help. You can do the heavy lifting all by yourself!  It’s so easy! No grunting. No painful back and leg.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Body is made from durable steel. The handle is made of PVC plastic. Features anti-slip design. The wheel rollers are made from ABS plastic. It has 360-degree rotation and designed with a strong friction force.
  • EASY TO USE – Place the lifter under the furniture. Lift it up. Place the 4 pcs rollers into the four corners. Capable of lifting and carrying 150 KG/330Lbs. Easily lifts furniture without hurting your back.
  • SIZE - Lifter handle: 345 mm (13.5"). Removal Roller:  2.5 mm x 6 cm (0.098" x 2.3") in thickness and height, 105.8 mm x 79.8 mm (4.16" x 3.15") in dimensions
  • SAFE TO USE – Rotatable pads fit furniture and appliances perfectly. Holds them securely. Use for sofas, bookcases, chairs, tables, beds, washer, dryer, piano, refrigerator and others.


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Edward S.
Moved furniture with ease

My friend recommended me this. I've had back problems for years and this truly helped me move my furniture

Jake Stevens
Life saver

I bought this to move my broken fridge it's been stuck there for days now and I couldn't move it myself. Finally, I was able to and bring it to a repair shop. I won't have any problem putting it back.

Matt Hollins
Easy to use

Definitely made my life easier. I was able to move my sofa just fine.

Jake Parker

It does what it says it does. It helped me move my furniture. My wife and I were doing some renovations and our son just left for college. We wanted to spice things up. With my son gone we depended on this tool to help us with moving some of our furniture and I was not disappointed.

Keith Roberts
Hard to manuever

This tool has potential i like how it functions until i had to move it. It wasn't as easy as expected