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Wearable Hands-free Umbrella Sun Rain Blocker I Protect Yourself Handsfree

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Protect Yourself from Wind or Rain without Looking Ridiculous

Stay Completely Hands-Free With This Wearable Umbrella. No Matter Where You Go

Without a doubt, the one thing that people hate most about umbrellas is that they have to hold it.  It is also considerably easy to lose them because you can just leave them anywhere and forget about them.

The one advantage of a Wearable Hands-free Umbrella is that it leaves your hand completely free.  You can do anything you want without bothering with the rain or sun hitting you.  You can hold your trekking poles freely.  You can hold on to your camera and take pictures, figure out your GPS or maps, or just about anything you want to do.

It is a really useful protection against rain or UV rays especially for kids walking along with their parents or being pushed in a carrying seat. It can be used as an umbrella for trekking, hiking, or backpacking because it’s quite convenient to use.

  • SIZE - Waist strap: 102 cm (40.16"). Back strap: 52 cm (20.47"). 
    Total strap length: 52.5 cm (20.67"). 
    Umbrella: 105 cm x 66 cm (41" x 26").
  • WEIGHT - Strap: 450 g. 
    Umbrella: 360 g.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL – Made of impact cloth. Its frame is made of premium stainless steel coated with black plastic.  Finished with technology rejuvenation coating to strengthen sun resistance.
  • TOP NOTCH DESIGN –Three-fold umbrella with a softly-padded shoulder. Features high-density adjustable straps and diamond-shaped fastening buckle. Designed with angle adjustment, back plate adjustment, and umbrella mounting nut.
  • STRONG & DURABLE – Strong weight-bearing. Wind, rain, sun, and rust resistant. Comfortable to use.
  • BLOCKS UVA RAYS – Effective barrier against UVA. Works as a sunblock everywhere you go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Mobile Street Vendor Approved

It wears like a backpack with an additional strap across the front. If I could change 1 thing, I'd put the front strap around the waist (it wears high, under the bustline). But otherwise, it worked perfectly for me. Lightweight enough that I was also able to clip my menu board to it, on my back. The harness will also hold a different size/type umbrella if you're not crazy about the color/style of the umbrella choices offered.
I also plan to use it while gardening.

Lana Smithers
This redhead can't have no sun

Good thing this thing allows me to go hiking. I can still play with my phone and get shade. My red headed genes thanks this silly looking product.

Sheryl Blackburn
Perfect for Fishing!

Exactly what I needed when fishing in the boat since we don't use the Bimini top consistently. Pretty comfortable, umbrella covers what needs to be covered, I like how the umbrella can be adjusted in the holder up or down depending on what's needed and the angle can be adjusted from front to back. Adjustment for me DOES take a second pair of hands rather than remove it, adjust it, put it back on (although I would do that if I didn't have that second pair of hands). I closed the umbrella when not needed (like for faster speeds) and it didn't get in my way. Easy to store on the boat when not in use, takes up very little room. So far, I'm impressed with it.

Room for improvement

There were no instructions with this apparatus, so I had to figure it out myself. Which wasn't too hard, however, I am still unclear as to where to clamp the apparatus onto the umbrella. The way I did it, on the shaft, I can't close the umbrella all the way when not in use. This feels more like a proof of concept than a quality consumable product. I don't know if I'll ever actually use it.

Brandon K.
Worked really well

Never thought having a hands-free umbrella would be super comfortable. i get to do my work with both my hands and I get the shade to keep me cool