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Desktop Apothecary Library Card Catalog Medicine 10 Drawer Cabinet | Clutter Free Home

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Stunning and Elegant Style Drawer That Your Friends Will Envy!

Keep Yourself Productive with this Anti-Clutter Desktop Apothecary Library Card Catalog Style Retro Drawer

Keep your home or office clutter free with this elegant and beautiful tabletop cabinet.  This is classic and can last for years. It is a great addition to your home. Made of natural wood with elegant finish, it boasts of 9 drawers and 1 large one at the bottom. Place this on your counter, desk or table, and you will keep things organized.

Your friends will likely get one too.  It’s gorgeous. It has a rustic finished, but it could easily match your home décor or furniture.  It is incredibly useful as well.  You can place all kinds of things in it, and keep your table neat and tidy.

It is easy to avoid clutter when you are organized.  You can stay on top of things, and this drawer can help you do that.  You will know exactly where to keep and find things, so you can be organized and finish your work quickly.

  • DRAWER SIZE - 27.5 cm width x 38 cm height x 14.5 cm thick (10.8" x 15" x 5.7")
  • SMALL CABINET SIZE - 13 cm x 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm (5.11" x 2.95" x 2.95")
  • LARGE CABINET SIZE - 13 cm x 25 cm x 7.5 cm (5.11" x 9.84" x 2.95")
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Great for organizing various items like medicine, jewelry, crafts, makeup, oils, office items, and others.
  • 10 SPACIOUS DRAWERS – The top 9 drawers are small, but you can keep various items in it. The larger one at the bottom is bigger and is great for additional storage.
  • GORGEOUS DESIGN – Multi-layered. Made of natural wood. Beautiful, elegant, and classy. Not heavy on desktop.
  • GREAT FOR HOME OR OFFICE – When you need to keep things clean, organized, and tidy in your home or office, this drawer will do the trick.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Seth Stevens
Lightweight and sturdy

Very beautiful and perfect for storing small items 5 out of 5!

Lesley S.
Nicely put together.

The wood feels so smooth and pleasant. It feels sturdy and it does its purpose well. I have my makeup all organized inside

Bert Stanley
It looks great on my living room

I have tons of furniture with the same wooden aesthetic and this wonderful drawer is a great collection

Daniel Stone
Great for storing a small collection.

Bought this for my mom. She has a collection of herbs and spices. This wooden cabinet not only keeps everything organized but she also loved the look

John Roberts
Impressive craftsmanship.

Got this from a friend actually but I like it so much I felt compelled to write a review myself. I make homemade knick-knacks and hand art. it's my passion and this fantastic drawer just made things easier for me.