10 Examples of Life That Benefits From a Hands-Free Umbrella Experience

An umbrella is not a luxury. For many people, it is a necessity. For years, this piece of essential contraption did not see any form of innovation. People had to tolerate the blatant and significant flaws and limitations of the umbrella. For one, it is widely known for inverting when the wind gets too strong. It needed some update, and finally, it happened with Hands-Free Umbrellas!

It is long overdue, but it has arrived! This hands-free umbrella will enhance the lives of every individual who needs it. Imagine riding a bike under the sweltering heat of the sun or pouring rain, pushing your baby in his stroller through a sunny afternoon, watching a game of baseball under the heat of the summer sun, waiting for the Macy’s Day Parade to pass by, or fishing in a sunny afternoon. Imagine doing all that without needing to hold an umbrella, but still being able to protect yourself from the heat of the sun or avoid getting drenched by the rain.  

Using a Hands-Free Umbrella  

Why be constrained when you can live your life fully without needing to hold an umbrella? The new hands-free umbrella design allows you to do almost any task – walk the dog, push the stroller, plant new seeds, deliver a package with greater ease, comfort, and efficiency. All while being protected from harsh weather elements. 

Nowadays, people are so dependent on technology like their smartphones or tablets. So, more than ever people need hands-free umbrellas to allow them to do what they need to do without bothering to hold their umbrellas. 

Everyone needs to protect himself or herself against excessive sun exposure, as this can be quite dangerous to one’s health. This can lead to dehydration, skin cancer, and even heat exhaustion. Insufficient protection can lead to health problems.  

10 Everyday Use of a Hands-Free Umbrella  

Yard or Garden Work

home gardening

 Weeding grasses can take hours. This means being exposed to the scalding heat of the sun at times, and you need to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. It’s the same when you prune shrubs, harvest vegetables, or planet new flowerbeds. You need to avoid excessive sun exposure to avoid skin cancer. 

Facial cancers account for 33% of skin cancers. So, protecting your face from the heat of the sun when you do some gardening or work on your yard is a smart idea. Gardeners spend a great deal of time in the sun, so a hands-free umbrella would be quite beneficial against the harmful UV rays. 

Grab an umbrella that is easy to wash or clean. You don’t want a filthy umbrella, so make sure that you can wash your hands-free umbrella easily. It should be versatile so that you can do your yard or garden work without any problem. Your umbrella, however, should not obstruct your vision. You don’t want an obstructed view of your work when you’re gardening.  

Mail or Postal Deliveries  

If you are a postman or a delivery guy, the rain and the sun are your enemies. Delivering mail or packages can be stressful. It involves lots of walking, and when it rains, you can’t help but get completely drenched. You get particularly worried about getting your mail and packages wet.  

Unfortunately, your poncho can’t help you. After hours of delivering wet mail, it becomes even more difficult to insert the mail through the mail slots when they get all wet.  This is where a hands-free umbrella helps. You can stay completely dry, and you would still have free use of your hands. You can stay dry all day, and the best thing about this is that your mail stays dry as well! A hands-free umbrella also protects you from the harsh rays of the sun. 

 Photography on Rainy Days  

after the rain photography

For many photographers, the rain can be a magical thing. Things are magically transformed during the rain, and photographers can take magnificent photos. Numbingly-familiar scenes can be transformed into something fresh and practically artistic. Not surprisingly, photographers tend to head to take pictures once it starts raining. 

Unfortunately, this can be a big concern for many photographers especially in places where the weather can be so unpredictable. The raincoat isn’t so practical because it doesn’t protect the camera or your equipment. Fortunately, with hands-free umbrellas, photographers can take pictures without any problem. The umbrella can also help protect their camera when they take pictures under the pouring rain. 

The hands-free umbrella does the job quite well. It doesn’t pose any problem and eliminates all the hassle that a raincoat creates.  If your camera isn’t weather-sealed, a hands-free camera is a solution for you.  

Hiking and Climbing  

Your umbrella may seem out of place in the wilderness, but it’s not as foolish as it looks especially if you are using a hands-free umbrella. You can use it on the Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and more. Your umbrella will also serve you well on a trek across the El Camino de Santiago. 

Your umbrella will protect you in rainstorms. It offers more ventilation than a rain jacket, which is important because it helps prevent overheating. Your umbrella helps regulate your temperature. It allows the heat that your body generates while hiking and climbing evaporate quickly. You can add a layer of clothing as you near the top of the mountain before your body starts to cool. Your umbrella also helps protect you against the sun, snowstorms, and the rain as you climb or hike.  

Day-to-day Movement of a Handicapped or Person of Disability  

people with disability

People with disabilities have common needs and requirements as ordinary people. They travel, run errands, do chores, and more.  Unfortunately, they get drenched when it rains, and they get sunburned when exposed to excessive sunlight. So, like most people, people with disabilities need an umbrella, and they would benefit from a hands-free umbrella. 

This means they do not need anyone to hold their umbrella for them. They can manipulate their wheelchairs without worrying about their umbrella. They wouldn’t need the assistance of another person. The umbrella would protect them from bad weather like rain, sun, and snow without limiting the use of their hands.  

Walking the Dog  

Sometimes, you need to walk your dog no matter the weather, but you will want to stay dry and be comfortable. Unfortunately, you need both hands to handle your dog, which is a problem if it’s raining and you’re carrying an umbrella as well. 

It is important to protect yourself against the rain, so you need to wear rain pants, coat, and boots. If your job is a dog walker, the rain can be such a huge problem. Being cold and wet makes walking dogs quite unbearable. Fortunately, with a hands-free umbrella, you can walk dogs out, protect yourself from the rain, and still have free use of your hand. 

The dogs can run, and you can run after them without getting yourself wet. You can also use both hands to control the leash without worrying about your umbrella. Not only is this umbrella perfect for rainy days, but it is also great for snowy and sunny days.  

Exploring Disney World, Sea World, or Legoland  

things to do in disneyland checklist

Bringing your family into a theme park like Disney World or Sea World can be stressful. If you have small kids, you have strollers, bottles, diapers, and bags to manage on top of making sure everyone’s wallets, jackets, and phones are safe. 

Although you can always store everything in your backpack, grabbing things quickly can be difficult and managing strollers can be stressful when you don’t have the free use of your hands. You will be constantly taking your bag on and off, moving it in front to avoid hitting crowds, opening and closing it to get your camera and water bottles, and it will be hard to do all that if you are holding an umbrella. You could end up losing your umbrella. 

This is why a hands-free umbrella is your best option. Just make sure you have a large waterproof bag to shove your umbrella in.  

Door-to-Door Selling  

A hands-free umbrella is perfect for sales representatives from roofing companies, plumbing companies, pest control companies, and sales representatives.  

When it’s raining, walking around and going from house-to-house can be annoying. You don’t want to get all drenched when you talk to people. It’s the same when it’s hot outside. Going from home to home, knocking on doors, can be exhausting. 

You lose 15% of your body heat through your head, and this is why an umbrella is better than a sunhat especially when the sun is beating down on you. Hat traps head, while the umbrella offers a lot of shade, and it allows heat to escape from your head. So, stay cool. 

However, you want a hands-free umbrella for this. You want your hands free to hold your documents or any other items that you need to sell.  

Pushing a Stroller or Carrying an Infant During the Rain  

best umbrella stroller for travel

How often do you take your kids out on a stroller? Whether it’s to exercise, get some fresh air, or run errands, it can be a hassle when there’s a drizzle or it’s particularly hot. Going out with your child can be quite difficult. That is why every mom needs a hands-free umbrella to help get her through the day. 

While your child is all warm, cozy, and dry in his or her stroller, you could end up getting wet while juggling a huge umbrella and pushing the stroller. There had to be an easy way to enjoy the walks without getting wet or hot. 

With a hands-free umbrella, you have the convenience of using your hands-free while still managing to keep yourself dry and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about your hair or your makeup getting ruined. This umbrella will allow you to conduct your business while taking care of your child.  

Fishing in the Middle of Noon   

If you love going out to enjoy the sun, light breeze, and relax on the water, you would probably enjoy fishing. However, you cannot leave yourself exposed to the sun for too long without proper protection.  You won’t be too happy the next day when you’re feeling the effects of sunburn. 

If you don’t’ take precautions, there is a risk of developing skin cancer. However, you can enjoy fishing under the sun and in the middle of noon if you have the right protection like a hands-free umbrella. 

A hat is a great idea when it’s cold because you lose 15% of your body heat through your head. However, if the sun is beating down on you, a hat traps the heat in, so you feel hot. On the other hand, an umbrella gives you tons of shade while letting heat escape from your head, so you keep cool. You enjoy proper airflow and shade.  

Wearable Hands-Free Umbrella  

a hands free umbrella

Although there are several options in the market, we recommend the Wearable Hands-Free Umbrella. People tend to lose their umbrellas, but the one great thing about this umbrella is you can’t possibly lose it when you’re wearing it. You can’t leave them anywhere and forget about them. 

With this umbrella, you can leave your hands completely free to do your gardening or yard work, deliver mail or packages, take pictures on rainy days, hike or climb the Appalachian Trail, move around in your wheelchair, walk the dog, explore Disney World or Sea World, sell door-to-door, push a stroller or carry an infant, fish in the middle of the noon, or do just about anything you want to do. 

This umbrella offers optimum protection against the rain or UV rays. It is made of impact cloth, and the frame is made of premium stainless coated with black plastic. It is finished with technology rejuvenation coating to strengthen its sun resistance. 

This three-fold umbrella features softly-padded shoulders with high-density adjustable straps and fastening buckles. The umbrella is strong weight-bearing, and it is resistant to wind, rain, sun, and rust. It is quite comfortable to use. 

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