Wood Jewelry Boxes with Drawers for Your Rustic-Looking Home

Wooden jewelry boxes appeal to everyone especially to jewelry shoppers and jewelry box collectors. There are so many gorgeous options when it comes to wood jewelry boxes, and they can appeal to people of all ages. You can find whimsical designs aimed at children, feminine wooden boxes for women, and even masculine tailored ones for men.

These boxes come in all kinds of sizes from ring-sized containers to large chest boxes for all kinds of jewelry. The boxes come in all kinds of wood as well including oak, pine, poplar, Brazilian yellowheart, West African paduak, Douglas fir, and Beechwood. You can always get a box of your wood of choice.

Buying Wood Jewelry Boxes with Drawers for Your Home

You have many options when it comes to buying wooden jewelry boxes. You can find vintages boxes from consignment shops, flea markets, estate sales, garage sales. You can even find boxes that are as good as new. You can also find special ones that need a little salvage work.

If you want artistic designs or one-of-a-kind jewelry boxes, you would find them in art fairs or craft shows. Handcrafted boxes can be a bit difficult to find because you can find mass-produced boxes that are popular and affordable. The latter can also boast of quality material and artisanship.

If you are looking for jewelry boxes with antique or rustic design, here are the four best wood jewelry boxes with drawers for your rustic-looking home or office:

Victoria Style Rustic Storage Box Antique Wooden Box Organizer

Victoria Style Rustic Storage Box Antique Wooden Box Organizer


Life can be a bit stressful, and it’s packed with small annoyances. What if you can organize everything on your desk with a lovely organizer that will help add to your home’s aesthetics? Organize your home or office desk with this lovely and rustic wooden organizer. It is multi-functional, and it is an elegant addition to your home decoration.

This beautiful compact rustic wooden box can help declutter your table surfaces. It is the perfect storage space for your office tools, art tools, accessories, skincare items, makeup, gadgets, craft supplies, and collectibles. This vintage organizer will appeal to anyone who loves rustic and antique design. You can use this to organize not only your desk but also your shelves, cabinets, and tables. This charming jewelry box will help create a character in any room.

The box is made from specially sourced high-quality solid wood. It features elegant varnish in a dark red-brown hue, which helps create its rustic and almost antique look. It is multifunctional. It has four equally-sized drawers, each with its own steel handle. Although it works as a jewelry organizer, it can also help organize your personal accessories, skincare items, toiletries, and more.

If you love rustic or retro-looking home accessories or furniture, you would definitely love this wooden box organizer. It is functional and decorative, and it serves various purposes. It makes for an awesome gift to family and friends.

Asian-Style Rustic Wooden Lock Box with Drawer

Asian-Style Rustic Wooden Lock Box with Drawer

This wooden lockbox with a drawer offers premium quality and exquisite craftsmanship. It is large enough to offer ample storage spaces to help you organize your clutter. You can say goodbye to clutter and stress with this rustic wood desktop organizer. It’s perfect for jewelry, and all other materials. Every girl needs one box to store her precious jewelry, hide her secrets, and store precious tokens. This box is a woman’s box. It is a beautiful organizer for jewelry or other collectibles.

If you are having a hard time looking for a great place to store your jewelry and other items, this lovely vintage organizer will do the trick for you. It is portable, convenient, and a great space-saver. It will fit right into your home or office beautifully. It looks charming and rustic, and it also serves as a beautiful addition to your home or office décor.

Although this box is perfect for storing your jewelry, it can also be used to organize other things like keys, chargers, and other home or office items that you would usually misplace or lose on a daily basis. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the material is of premium quality wood. It has an elegant dark red-brown varnish, which gives it a more rustic look. It features a beautiful finish and stylish design.

The box also offers ample storage space for your jewelry or anything you want to store in it including IDs, mobile phones, chargers, remote controls, and more. The box features delicate delicate handles. It is perfect for a home, apartment, store, or office with retro and rustic décor. It will look perfect in any space with rustic décor.

Small Vintage Treasure Chest with Drawer

Small Vintage Treasure Chest with Drawer

You would love this gorgeous and stylish jewelry box. It will help declutter your table and desk. You can take the stress out of your life, and help organize your dressing table, bedside table, office table, and other space with this beautiful organizer. You can also use this to organizer makeup supplies, skincare items, arts crafts, gadgets, and more. It will help you avoid losing items that you tend to misplace daily.

If you love antiques, retro, and rustic décor, this organizer is for you. It includes multiple drawers that you can use to store all kinds of jewelry or other items in your home or office. It is the perfect accessory. Place it on your desk, cabinets, tables, and more. It is both stylish and beautiful, and it offers a great way to way to store away items in any space.

The box is made of premium wood, and it is varnished with a dark red-brown hue, which gives it a more vintage look. It is multifunctional, and it is equipped with top and bottom drawers, which help organize jewelry, trinkets, ornaments, and more. It is unique and rustic, and it will look beautiful placed on top of your dresser, tables, desks, countertops, and other areas in your home or office.

It is the perfect gift for friends and family.
It features a classic and vintage design, and it will be such a huge hit with people who love the rustic, antique, classic, retro, and vintage.

Retro 4 Chest Desktop Flat Cabinet Organizational Label Holder Dresser

Retro 4 Chest Desktop Flat Cabinet Organizational Label Holder Dresser

If you love retro or classic décor or furniture, you should check out this wooden jewelry box. Its craftsmanship is impeccable, and it offers a great way to declutter any room in your house. It also works as an eye-catching focal point for your home. It is made of solid and gorgeous high-quality wood, and it will fit right into your home and your rustic décor. The cabinet includes four drawers that slide easily and reveals a spacious storage space for your jewelry and other items. It makes for the perfect gift to friends and family.