What Type of Wood is Best for Making High-Quality Furniture?

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in furniture construction. Furniture can be made out of almost any form of wood. Some common woods have distinguishing marks that may be identified with a single glance. Wood has a variety of properties and can add varying degrees of beauty, accent, and warmth to your home.

One of the most common and preferred types of wood is hardwood. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees, also known as broad-level trees, which lose their leaves every year and generate seeds. Hardwood can last a long time, so it is not surprising that they are favored for creating furniture and constructing homes.

Here are the three most popular hardwood for quality furniture:

Maple Wood

Maple is strong, durable, and water-resistant. There are two types of maple wood: soft maple, which has a straight delicate grain and ranges in color from cream to dark red, and hard maple, which has an off-white cream tint. The inherent swirls in the Maple wood grain are what make it so appealing. Maple is perfect for furniture because it is long-lasting and sustainable, especially with proper care.

Maple grain is usually straight and smooth, giving finished products a simple, clean appearance. Tiger and curly maple have more textured grains. When it comes to maple lumber, furniture makers prefer sapwood to heartwood. 

Sapwood is light and creamy in color and is located on the outside of the log. This lightness makes it easy to stain in a variety of hues. Maple is so good at taking a dark stain that it's frequently used to imitate more expensive hardwoods like cherry or mahogany.

Maple wood is widely employed in a range of applications due to its extreme durability and adaptability. They're used for furniture, cabinets, and hardwood floors. While maple isn't the hardest wood on the planet, it has earned a position among the hardwoods. This is an excellent choice if you want a piece of real wood furniture that you can pass down from generation to generation. 

maple wood furniture


Maple wood is a fantastic choice for kitchen cabinets for a variety of reasons. Cabinets are subjected to a lot of abuse. They're always being bumped into, scraped against, and even scratched and bitten on by your four-legged companions! You'll need wood that can withstand that kind of damage daily. 

Maple, unlike other woods, can withstand variations in temperature and humidity without warping or cracking. It's also rather lovely to look at. The aesthetic of your cabinets can set the tone for the rest of your kitchen. Maple is also less expensive than other hardwoods such as cherry or walnut. Finally, with moderate upkeep, you may anticipate maple wood cabinets to survive for 30 years or more.

There are other uses for maple wood that you might not be aware of. You'd commonly find it used as bowling floors and even bowling pins! They are also a popular material for making baseballs bats and pool cues. When you use either, take a closer look and you'll notice the trademark smooth grain shining through loud and clear. Maple is also popularly used as butcher block, high-end guitars, and other wind instruments.

Hickory Wood

Hickory is one of the most durable domestic hardwoods, with a Janka hardness rating of 1,820. This wood stands out not only because of its density but also because of its beauty. Unlike maple, hickory has a distinct graining pattern that stands out from the rest of the wood. This gives hickory a calico-like appearance.

Hickory trees can reach a height of 60 to 120 feet on average. Hickory trees make up only 2% of commercially available hardwoods in the United States, and they grow slowly, taking up to 200 years to maturity. Only four species out of a total of 19 are commercially viable.

Hickory is naturally effective at hiding scratches because it is a lighter hardwood. When it comes to concealing damage, its particular pattern gives it an advantage over maple and oak. Choose hickory for a distinctive look or high-traffic areas.

Hickory is a heavy, flexible, robust, strong, and shock-resistant wood, with a coarse, straight grain appearance. Hickory's hardness makes it tough to machine, and it can even dull metal power equipment. It is also difficult to dry this wood in the open air because it tends to warp and crack.

hickory wood floors

Hickory wood is prone to splitting due to its dryness, so woodworkers are advised to seal the ends of the wood to avoid this problem. Because hickory is dry wood, it quickly absorbs dyes and adhesives and dries to a beautiful sheen.

Hickory wood is extremely durable. Hickory wood has the highest hardness rating, surpassing white oak and hard maple, both of which are hardwoods in their own right.

Hickory offers that rustic, natural, outdoorsy appearance and feel, so it's quite popular as a material for rustic and logs cabin-style homes. It is also used to create tool handles, sporting goods equipment, cabinets, furniture, ladder rungs, wheel spokes, bows, and drumsticks.

Hickory wood is perfect for rustic furniture that is rich in color and can withstand a lot of use. Many people are drawn to the contrasting colors, while others like a more consistent color. Still, hickory wood can be difficult to work with. Quality hickory furniture must be manufactured by someone who knows their hickory wood.

Oak Wood

Oak wood is extremely strong, heavy, and long-lasting. It has a pleasing light color with noticeable grain. This hardwood is resistant to fungal attack because of its dense constitution and long-living nature. Oak wood is classified as hardwood and is valued for its strength and beautiful grain.

Oak wood is available in two shades: red oak, which is reddish, and white oak, which is brown or grey in hue. Its wavy grains will create a unique design for your home furniture. For hundreds of years, oak wood has been utilized in construction. The oak tree takes 150 years to produce timber that can be utilized for construction.

Oak wood is suitable for rustic interior design because of its distinctive grain and traditional colors. Only a few types of wood are appropriate for a rustic interior design. As a result, it is in high demand among customers who prefer traditional-looking homes. 

This wood is smooth to the touch when compared to other options such as particleboard, plywood, blackboard, and so on. Oak wood is easy to work with, which is vital for carpenters. It's simple to carve into a variety of creative shapes and easy to bend into various shape forms. Oak wood has a flat surface that accepts varnish well. In comparison to other hardwoods, it takes less varnish and produces a smooth surface.

oak wood furniture

When compared to other softwoods and hardwoods, oak wood is extremely durable. Oak wood is fairly resistant to wear due to its high Janka hardness value, making it long-lasting. It is also preferred over hardwoods such as teak wood since it is less expensive.

Oak wood offers numerous uses. As a structural wood in the construction of wooden framed dwellings. It is perfect for solid wood flooring. It is also great for constructing doors, windows, partitions, deck railings, paneling, wall cladding, and interior trims, among other things.

It is also perfect for creating garden seats and lounge chairs for the outdoors. It is found in mattresses and wardrobes in indoor furniture. Oak is also popular in veneer manufacturing. It is also used in the construction of boats and the creation of wine barrels.

Construction can be done with oak wood. It's now used as flooring, household products, and firewood, in addition to being employed as beams and structural frames.

Oak is a robust and long-lasting wood that may be used to construct furniture. For commercial furniture, oak was a popular choice. Oak is a long-lasting and low-cost material.

Oak wood is popular because of its low cost and long endurance. It is preferred for furniture because of its superb smooth finish. Oak wood furnishings can give your home a natural and rustic feel.