We Love the Farmhouse Vibe on These 3 Floating Wall Mount Rustic Shelf Cabinets

The farmhouse style has always been quite popular. It is an endless source of inspiration for interior design. It offers that amazing chic look that everyone wants for his or her home. This vibe creates peace of tranquility, peace, and quiet.

What is a Farmhouse Vibe?

If you love the show ‘Fixer Upper,’ you probably know that the modern farmhouse design was the centerpiece of that show. This design boasts oversized pendant lights, open shelves, and a sliding barn door. This design is all the rage when it comes to interior design, home renovations, and wish lists.

You do not have to live in a farmhouse just to have that vibe that you want. You can incorporate that vibe into your own home by adapting some styles and mixing some elements. In fact, you can bring in the design fundamentals of a farmhouse into your home.

Farmhouse style doesn’t actually mean that you will need to live on a farm. It just means that you will be decorating and styling your home with a simpler mindset that is often the result of country living. This means bright and flashy décor is a no-no. What you want is a soothing combination of colors, textures, and natural elements.

The secret to achieving a classic farmhouse vibe is creating a comfortable atmosphere. You will need a foundation made up of cream, beige, white, and light grey. You can add depth to this by layering some natural wood tones.

To create a farmhouse vibe, you will want to mix old and vintage with something new and fresh. For instance, instead of using a standard vase, you can try a vintage-looking vase. You can incorporate the old and the new when creating a farmhouse style for your home. You might also want to avoid bright or crazy colors. Instead, opt for the muted or neutral tones. The goal is to create a calming and cozy feel in your home. Of course, you can always incorporate pops of colors but do so sparingly.

You definitely should add wood in various forms into your home décor for a more rustic or farmhouse vibe. You would love antique washboards or spindles. You can use old barn wood to create farmhouse style signs.

You can also change the feel of your home with a light fixture. It’s easy to change the vibe without spending a lot of time. Light fixtures are HUGE, folks. Change the light, and it will make a huge difference in the overall style of your home.

Floors are a huge part of a farmhouse vibe. You want wood floors, preferably hardwood. You can use colors you like for the accent pieces, but you need to stick to the overall neutral colors. When it comes to accessories, you need mixed metals, reclaimed woods, and organic items made of wicker, rattan, stone, and sisal. Be careful to not overdo it. Farmhouse tends to keep accessories to a minimum.

We have a few storage accessories that you can use to help create that farmhouse vibe that you want for your home.

Here are our 3 floating wall mount rustic cabinets that are perfect as farmhouse furniture or accents:

Wall Shelf Hanging Cupboard and Pantry Storage

Wall Shelf Hanging Cupboard and Pantry Storage

You can save precious space with wall-mount storage. You can also set it on tables and counters. These drawers feature a glass display door as well as label holders and metal orders. This organizer is elegant, yet it adds to the rustic appeal of your home or space. You can also save up on precious space when you use this cabinet. You can hang it on the wall, just like you would a bathroom or kitchen cabinet. You can also opt to set it on top of tables or counters for quick access. You can set a place on your kitchen, bathroom, garage, foyer, and other areas in your home. This cabinet is beautifully-crafted, and it can be used for a long time. It is charming and durable. It is the perfect storage solution for your home. With bi-level shelves, this cabinet has enough storage space to keep everything neat and clean. It will give a vintage charm and farmhouse vibe to any space.

Wood Hanging Organizer with Drawers

Wood Hanging Organizer with Drawers

Impress your visitors with this effortlessly charming hanging organizer. It will also help organize your home in a classy yet rustic style. It will be considerably easy to organize everything in your kitchen, garage, bedroom, or bathroom with this beautiful cabinet. Whether you need to tidy up things at home, kitchen, school, office, the cabinet has sufficient storage to help you organize the space.

The cabinet is great for displaying all kinds of things. It is also a great storage space for coupons, receipts, and other items. Place it on your tabletop for quick access, or you can also mount it on the wall to free up your desk or counter. This storage cabinet will add charm to any room. Made of wood, it will help create that farmhouse vibe for your home.

Two Way Desktop Organizer and Wall Shelf with Drawers

Two Way Desktop Organizer and Wall Shelf with Drawers

This wall shelf offers style and efficiency as well as the maximum storage. It is budget-friendly, and it is the perfect storage solution for your home. It is great for avid collectors, passionate crafters, or people who love to organize their homes and space. It is budget-friendly, but it doesn’t sacrifice its rustic style and aesthetics. It fits your home and office perfectly, and it offers a great way to organize all the items in your home.

You can place it on your desk, or you can also hang it on the wall to save a lot of space. This drawer is made from specially-sourced wood, and it boasts excellent craftsmanship as well as quality material. It will help create that farmhouse vibe you want, and it can last a long time. Equipped with 4 drawers and an open-top rack, this is what you need to keep things organized while still saving space.

One of the best features of this cabinet is the shelving design. The cabinet can sit firmly atop a desk, but you can also hang it on the walls. It boasts of excellent quality. It is durable, and it can last for a long time. You can use it as a bathroom cabinet, tea rack, spice rack, craft storage, mail organizer, desk décor, side table storage, kitchen pantry organizer, and more!