Must-Have Life Hack Products That Will Make Things Easier

Looking for life hacks and tools to make your life simple?

Here are the three hacked products that are designed to make your life a little bit easier and better.

Folding Dollie Heavy Duty Hand Cargo Cart Portable Logistics

Folding Dollie Heavy Duty Hand Cargo Cart Portable

Have you had those red Radio Flyer wagons?  You know how useful they were, right?  They’re fun, yes, but they’re incredibly helpful too.  Folding dollies are the same.  They’re light, portable, and they can carry a lot of cargo.

These dollies are perfect for when you go tailgating, or if you frequent the beach or the lake.  They can make transporting supplies so accessible and doable.  This can help get your food and drinks safely from point A to point B.  You don’t need to carry anything in your arms.

If you are often running errands, you can drag along the things you buy with you without any hassle.  Bring groceries into the house without anything falling off.  You can use these dollies when you start a gardening project.  You can drag everything from your car to your garden.

Exhausted children would enjoy a ride on these dollies.  Do they need a break from walking?  You can put them in the folding wagon and drag them along.  It’s the same with your pets.  Just make sure to pay attention to weight capacity.

Call them dolly carts, wagons, box carts, hand trucks, or any name – you would love them.  They’re small miracle workers.  This would let you transport more weight than you can handle otherwise.  You can move loads and boxes over rough surfaces or long distances.  You can bring them to your office or business – and they will be so useful.

Whether your job calls for moving boxes every week or moving furniture, appliances, or other stuff during the weekends, a good hand truck is useful in moving all sorts of things. It’s a great thing to have on hand. Save yourself the backache and headache. Get the work done faster — no more pulling or grunting.  You will finally end the struggle with carrying heavy stuff.

Dollies are especially useful if you get this Heavy Duty Folding Dollie or Cargo Cart. You can use this to carry all kinds of materials, containers, and boxes from one place to another. Using one would significantly lessen your health risks.  You avoid straining your back from all the lifting.  It’s the same even when you lift a light load.  Repetitive bending can still cause huge back problems.

Indeed, this folding Dollie is the perfect cart for heavy or bulky items around your home.  You can use this in your business place where boxed items are being moved continuously.  If you’re a teacher or a librarian, you would love this. You would be able to move books without a lot of hassle.  This Dollie is portable and can be stored easily.  It has a folding six-wheel platform that can be moved quickly and can be kept anywhere.  You can store it in your car at all times.

The bottom card extends about 4” for extra room.  It opens and closes quickly, and it folds flat without effort.  It has non-marring wheels which rotate easily for quick maneuverability.  It offers optimum stability

ULTIMATE SPACE SAVER | Folding Kitchen Industrial Heavy Duty Shelves

ULTIMATE SPACE SAVER l Folding Kitchen Industrial Heavy Duty Shelves

If you are starting for more storage in your small kitchen, there are some ways to add that extra space.

For one thing, you can hang a pegboard on your wall where you can hang pots, pans, and canisters.  Your wall can provide that extra storage you need.  You can even use the top of your cabinets for extra storage.  Yes, they’re prime real estate when it comes to that space you need.  Way up there, you can keep all sorts of things, particularly those that you only use for special occasions.

To get that extra space, you can also downsize your furniture. Swap your huge table with a smaller-than-usual breakfast table.  Get a half-moon table instead of a full one.  Placing them against the wall will give you a little more room in your small kitchen.

Your cabinets can also give you a little more space when you add a nesting table.  This table can be easily tucked away into cabinets when they are not in use.  You can pull them out to use as an additional chopping surface when you need it.

You can also add a small kitchen island like a Folding Kitchen Industrial Heavy Duty Shelf.  It may seem counterproductive if you have a small kitchen, but you will benefit from getting one.

Why?  First off, they are often multi-functional.  They can be used for just about anything.  You can use them indoor – or even outdoor!  It provides a platform for holding up cookware, kitchen tools, and appliances in your kitchen or any room inside your house.  They also serve as an extra space for serving or food preparation.  You can set it up near your outdoor grill or your buffet station when you have parties or gatherings.  It can hold towels or pool supplies, and this can also function as a portable bar.

These folding shelves feature four locking wheels, so they can be easily rolled out or use in other areas of the house. You can them locked in place for security.  If you have minimal kitchen space, countertop area, or storage space, this is one of the best solutions. What makes them unique is that they fold and unfold as needed.  You can store them when you don’t need them, and unfold them when you need them. You can enjoy the convenience of additional storage that does not take up so much space.  They’re perfect for ordinary kitchens.

They are also made of premium stainless steel, so you can expect to use them for years. They won’t get rusty after years of use.  Finally, you have somewhere where you can place your pots, pans, skillets, baking sheets, and small appliances.  You don’t need to use your stove top for meal prep as well.  You can use this folding shelf instead.

If you have a small house or if you live in a small apartment or dorm room, this shelf is for you.  You can use it for just about anything.  You can even use it to place food dishes when you’re having guests over.  It is portable, so you can just roll it in your dining area.  Lock it in place, and you’re all good.

This folding shelf is the ultimate solution – it offers extra prep space. It can be used as a buffet station, a dessert caddy, a portable bar, a movable kitchen island.  It is a must-have for your home.

Darkness Head Sleep Cover | Sleep Literally Anywhere In the Dark

Darkness Head Sleep Cover l Sleep Literally Anywhere In the Dark
Most travelers like packing light, but there is one thing that they don’t want to skimp out of – their sleeping arrangements.  You’re very fortunate if you’re one of those people that can sleep on a granite slab without any cushion.

Most people would need some semblance of comfort to get a few decent winks.  Chief among those things is a comfortable pillow like this Darkness Head Sleep Cover, a cocoon-like pillow that wraps the head up in darkness and comfort.

If you travel frequently, this pillow would probably be one of the most important things that you can invest in along with a piece of smart luggage, a quality travel adapter, and a TV series that you can binge-watch while on your flight.

This pillow would make your travel as comfortable and relaxing as possible.  Whether you’re a light sleeper or a heavy one, this pillow will suit you and make you enjoy long trips.  They’re affordable so that they won’t break your bank either. You will get the most bang for your money.  You will reach your destination rested, refreshed and ready for some exploration.

No, it is not at all embarrassing to use. If anyone sees you wearing it, they would probably envy you for having the foresight to buy it.  While they have to deal with the noise and the light, you are safely cocoon inside your travel pillow snoring and resting.

When it comes to comfort, practicality, cost, portability, and durability, this pillow performs as well as the other top pillows in the market.  It is a winner and an excellent travel investment. You can rely on it for support and comfort when you travel and sleep in airport lounges, planes, cars, trains, or other public transportation.  You can also bring it with you when you go camping or backpacking.  It is compact enough to fit in your luggage or overnight bag.

Do you need a power nap?  This pillow will create a micro-environment which will allow you to relax and get the nap you need. It is totally immersive.  It is soothing. It creates an environment which relaxes you regardless of where you are.  Thus, it is perfect for power naps. You don’t need to go anywhere else. Just put it on, and you’d be all set for a great nap.  It creates that private space which separates you from your surroundings.  Slip it on for a quick rest, and you will be isolated from noisy commuters, loud roommates, and gabbing travelers.  You can use it anywhere and anytime.

It really has a revolutionary design.  It is similar to a cocoon.  It wraps around your head, and it reduces light and sound.  There is an opening at the front for breathing.  There are holes on the side which lets you slip your hand above your head.

It is made of quality material which is soft, elastic, breathable, hypoallergenic, and odor-free.  It is completely portable so that you can bring it anywhere with you.  With this Sleep Literally Anywhere In the Dark pillow, you can snooze in comfort wherever you are.