The Secret Behind an Organized Bedroom

Whether you have a spacious room or a little nook, you can organize your bedroom and beautify it with some clever storage hacks and tricks.  You can give your room a makeover to ensure that it is always clean and tidy.

Your day starts in the bedroom, and it ends there too.  So, it is important to keep it neat and tidy.  You don’t want overflowing drawers, clutter in every corner, and cabinets in complete disarray.  This can be frazzling and frustrating. It can cause a lot of stress.

The most relaxing spaces share several things in common: soft colors, luxurious bed, calming soft lighting, and greenery.  The one thing you will never find in a relaxing bedroom is a clutter.  A disorganized space discourages relaxation. It’s hard to relax and drift to sleep when you see all the things around you that need to be stored, organized, or kept.

If your bedroom needs a little bit of pampering and organizing, here are the secrets behind an organized your bedroom.

Do Your Research and Get Inspired

Do Your Research and Get Inspired

Before you start moving around the bedroom, you might want to do some research.  Check out bedroom photos. Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration.  It is a good idea to measure your room as well.  Draw the shape, so you would have an idea on how you would like to decorate every corner.  This is easier to do than to have to move furniture around the room because they don’t fit.

Choose Your Colors Well

Picking color can be challenging. There are just numerous opinions about what is right and what is wrong when it comes to bedroom colors. You do not have to shy away from bold colors, but you have to make sure that they are relaxing.  Look for inspiration from the furniture and décor that you already have.

Reclaim Your Closet Space

Reclaim Your Closet Space

Closets are often the most overwhelming job.  It is small, but the mess can be frustrating.  Make sure to go in with a clear mind.  You can reclaim this space. Assess the contents of your closet.  Do you really need those “goal” clothes? They can be depressing if they have been in your closet for years, and you haven’t fit into them yet.  They may be out of style already.

The easiest way to fix it is to add more hanging space.  Most closets have one horizontal bar straight across.  Make sure to group long clothes and short ones. Hang the long ones on one side and the short ones on the other side. This way you have more space under the short clothes. You can use it as a drawer, a laundry hamper, or a shoe stand.

If you have a walk-in closet, you might want to organize it as well.  The items that you use for dressing should be the first items on the left.  You can then work your way to the right side of the closet.  Set up what you use next.  Store your accessories at the end.

Make Your Bed

It doesn’t cost you anything to take a few minutes in the morning to fix your bed.  Your bedroom will look a hundred times much better if you make your bed before you leave for work in the morning.  When the bed is unmade, it instantly creates a messy room.  When the bed is neatly made, it automatically makes the bedroom a whole lot cleaner and better.  So, make sure to straighten out your pillows. Pull up your sheets. Smooth out your comforter.

Don’t Hesitate to Purge

Don’t Hesitate to Purge

To get organized, you need to purge. This is something that you won’t be able to avoid. You need to get rid of things to create a more organized bedroom.  Throw away, give away, or donate items that you don’t need, never used, do not care for.  Gather up clothes and shoes that no longer fit you.  Throw away clothes that do not flatter you.

You do not have to keep books that you’ve read, an exercise machine that you don’t use, or collectibles that are far from treasured.  Donate them to Goodwill. There are people who would benefit greatly from these castoffs.  Once you’ve gotten rid of these things, it will be far easier to organize what is left.

Use a Bedside Stowaway Pockets Caddy

Bedside Stowaway Pockets Caddy

Those who live in small homes are swamped with organization challenges.  One of those challenges is small bedrooms where storage is difficult or even impossible.  People want things close at hand, but this is hard when you can hardly fit a nightstand.

Yes, you can take advantage of the space under the bed.  There is several square feet of real estate under there.  That’s not something that you should waste.  That is a prime space for shoes, linens, sporting equipment, and seasonal clothing amongst others. However, that’s the space for bulky items – not the best space for items you need to use now and then. You need an area for all your stash – Kleenex, books, pen, magazines, glasses, cable loops, charging cords, paper, hand cream, lip balm, laptop, iPad, mobile phone and the like.

Fortunately, you can always get this Bedside Stowaway Pockets Caddy.  It’s the product that will meet your need.  It is pretty nifty and looks really great too!  It is both attractive and functional.  The pockets are nicely-sized, so it can accommodate common bedside items.  While a nightstand would definitely look more attractive, it is far from practical when you have a small space. It will hardly help with organization and storage. Save it for the guestroom or other bigger rooms.

As with most bedside pockets, this one can be slipped under the mattress.  It stays put once you’ve positioned it.  It may not work for some people.  If your bed sits on an old waterbed frame, you won’t be able to use this.  If you need to keep things away from children or pets, it might not be a good idea to use pockets.  But for most people, this pocket is quite useful.  It is strong enough to hold a laptop or a Harry Potter book.  It is a cool home caddy.  It is chic and useful, and it will hold all your essentials near you.  If you are one of those people who bring everything to bed with you, you will love this pocket!  You will avoid all the clutter.

This Beside Stowaway Pockets will keep things clean and organized.  You can store items in an accessible place.  Actually, you can set this up beside your sofa or desk.  It will allow you to grab whatever you need and have these things stored safely when not in use.  There will be no clutter. You also eliminate the frustration of looking for things when they are not near you when you need them.

This Caddy does not require assembly.  It is made of premium polyester felt with five pockets, one large pocket, four smaller ones, and two holes for charging gadgets.  It comes with an inserting board which helps keep its shape. It is durable and long lasting. It takes seconds to install. Just lift the mattress, place the flap in place, and lower the mattress.  The weight of the mattress will keep the caddy in place.  Bring it with you everywhere. It’s perfect for people who travel frequently.

Conquer with a 14-Drawer Wood Cabinet

14-Drawer Wood Cabinet

Do you have jewelry scattered everywhere?  Do you have accessories that are scattered all over your home?  Of course, you can always get a traditional jewelry box, but that’s not your only option.  If you have an extensive jewelry collection, you will need somewhere to store these things.  Jewelry is not just one problem.  Storage can be a problem in any home, particularly a small one.  Without proper storage, clutter can go crazy.  It can get out of hand.

This is a bigger problem in homes with kids.  Kids are capable of creating an unreasonable amount of clutter.  This is why it is important to have drawers and storage in place in all corners of your home.  Clutter can make you feel out of control.  It can cause marital strife and a whole lot of stress between couples.  The truth is the reasons for clutter are fairly simple.

First off, you probably have too much stuff.  This is the most obvious reason for clutter, but it is the one where you have the most trouble with.  Your cabinets are overflowing with clothes.  Your garage is packed with new tools you hardly use.  When was the last time you saw your screwdriver? Your basement is probably packed with things you bought at a yard sale.

Transitions or life changes can also create clutter. Did you have a baby recently? You probably have baby stuff packed away somewhere?  Getting a new job, financial setback, getting terminally sick – all these things can create clutter.  This gets worse when you don’t have an organization system and enough storage space.  If you don’t know where to store things, you become disorganized and create clutter. You will tend to set things down anywhere you can.

You can avoid clutter with this 14-Drawer Wood Cabinet. It has enough space for many small items in your home. It is well-suited for any room and any home.  It can be used in a business or commercial setting as well.  With numerous drawers, there is enough space for files and items. You can use it for other purposes too. With multi-sized drawers and easy-to-grasp round knob handles, it is incredibly easy to open and close the drawers.  You can set it up anywhere in your home. The aesthetics are awesome. It has 14 colorful sections for different items.  It fits well with any décor and environment.  It adds charm to any home.  You can place your keys, jewelry, accessories, supplies, and crafts.

It measures 90 cm x 70 x 41 cm. It is easy to set up and assemble.  The package includes all the mounting component you would need for quick assembly.  It is waterproof, so it can withstand moisture and humidity.

Use the Doors for Storage

Drill Free over the Door Coat Hanger Organizer

Don’t forget your doors. You can use it for storage. Install hooks on bedroom and closet doors, like this Drill Free over the Door Coat Hanger Organizer. Ideally, they are great for hallways, but you can install them over your bedroom door for additional storage.  You can hang your scarves, belts, bathrobe, and hats on this thing.

Get a Trunk

You can use the foot of your bed for additional storage.  If you have enough room for a storage bench or trunk, make sure to stash one at the foot of your bed.  This is the perfect place to store bulky clothing that you rarely use. Just make sure that you don’t end up dumping things on top of your trunk.  This can become a magnet clutter.

Don’t Ignore Your Headboard Space

Don’t Ignore Your Headboard Space

Don’t ignore the foot of your bed, the storage space under your bed and also, your headboard space.  You can install shelves for books and framed photos and lamps.  You can choose to buy shelved headboards or you can just create one yourself.

Keep Your Vanity Neat and Clean

Jewelry can be a huge clutter if unorganized. Make sure to get a display organizer for your jewelry collection.  Hang your necklaces, and store your earrings in elegant displays. Organize everything on your vanity.  Use display organizer for items that you use every day. Don’t leave your perfume and makeup scattered all over.

Make it a game to get rid of 10 things that you don’t need every day. It can be hard to get rid of things when you are attached to them. There is also always the thought that “I might need this someday.” If you haven’t used an item for six months, chances are you won’t. It’s just clutter. Get rid of it.  Here are the things that you should probably throw away now:

  • Old magazines, journals, books, and newspapers
  • Expired toiletries and nail polish
  • Broken items that you haven’t gotten around to repairing or will never be repaired
  • Excess bed linens
  • Old technology like VHS and DVDs