Top 3 Vertical Wall Organizers That Don't Require Drilling

Extra towels, makeup, blow dryer, hairspray, toilet paper, curling iron – these are just a few of the clutter in your home.

The clutter can be utterly frustrating.

Perhaps, you are lamenting the same fact.  Fortunately, there are some organizers that you can buy to add more storage and reduce clutter in your home.  Here are the three top vertical wall organizers that you can buy. The best thing about them – you don’t need to drill to install them!

Drill Free DIY Wall Rack Hanger Organizer

Drill Free DIY Wall Rack Hanger Organizer

This Drill Free DIY Wall Rack Hanger Organizer will give your home an instant modern look!  It’ll give your home the instant boost it needs. This organizer is simple, stylish, and fresh. It can give your home the needed additional space too!

It’s perfect for tiny homes or apartment.  If you are trying to organize a small room or a small area, you will definitely benefit from installing these DIY wall rack hanger.  They will give you instant storage space.  They’re quite useful and functional.  They’re also super cute too!  They can brighten up the room instantly!  The fresh colors will match your home or apartment.

This vertical wall rack creates an elegant display for your art or collectibles.  This rack will maximize the space, and it would allow you to create a more welcoming environment.

This floating wall hanger is made of eco-friendly PP material.  It is durable and practical.  It can be attached using a strong adhesive material, so it is nail-and-drill free.  It allows you to save space so that you can create a more streamlined look for your room.  Your room looks tidy and clean.  You can fully utilize your space, so your home will be more comfortable.

Not only are they stylish and practical, but the rack is also versatile as well.  You can add them to any room inside your home for extra storage space.  They’re great for organization, and they’re also perfect as display racks.  You can place them in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, or other areas in your home.  No more clutter, but you’ll add more decorative and functional value to a room.  The best thing about this is that you don’t have to drill or create holes!  It is adhesive so that you can attach it to the wall.  Easy-peasy!

How do you install this?  If you are living in an apartment or dorm, this is your best chance of adding some storage and displaying more items in your home.  Many apartment landlords do not allow modification, as a rule, so your best option is adhesive shelves — no need to give up your security deposit just yet.

As a rule, shelves that weigh over 10 lbs are difficult to hang using adhesive strips.  Fortunately, these adhesive strips that come with this package can easily hold this shelf.  Gently dampen a piece of cloth with isopropyl alcohol, and then rub the wall with it. Give the surface about five minutes to dry.

Once it is completely dry, you can then attach your adhesive strips.  It is important to remove grease, dirt, oil, and wax from the wall before mounting the racks.  It is easier to mount the rack if the surfaces are clean.

Stick the strips to the racks by pressing them down. Hold them down for 30 seconds, and then remove the protective liner.  Press that adhesive side to the mounting area and hold the rack down for about 30 seconds. Repeat the process for the other strips.

Drill Free Modern Minimalist Wall Organizer Hanger

Drill Free Modern Minimalist Wall Organizer Hanger

Do you need extra storage for your kitchen or bathroom?  You can create a minimalist feel while still keeping your room organized.  With this Non-Drill Minimalist Wall Organizer, you would have to extra storage for your gear and accessories.

This adhesive wall hanger is the solution to your clutter problem.  You can hang it in your office, and you can place your keys, mails, and other office accessories inside the rack.  This is perfect for entryways.  It will keep your entryways clean, neat, and free from clutter.

It’s no drill and durable.  It’s perfect for dumping mails in.  You can sort new and old letters.  You can also drop magazines, catalogs, bills, and other documents inside the basket. The hooks are perfect for hanging keys, scarves, leashes, and other items.

Are you one of those people who like to dump accessories everywhere just to spend hours looking for them later on?  Now, you’d know exactly where you placed your keys?  You would know where you dump your eyeglasses or sunglasses.  This is your dump-on hanger.  You wouldn’t have to look for your glasses and keys again.

This minimalist wall organizer is made of durable and high-quality rust-resistant metal.  This could last for years.  It has a simple, modern yet unique design.  It comes with a rack and four hooks for holding items.  It would add a contemporary feel to your home or office.

This is also quite easy to install.  The package comes with a strong adhesive tape.  It quickly sticks to smooth clean surfaces, and it holds the rack in place.   Make sure to clean the mounting surface with isopropyl alcohol or alcohol wipes before mounting the frame.

It would stick to a mirror or unpainted bedroom wall just as long as these surfaces are free of dust and are completely flat and smooth.  It can also stick on bathroom tiles.  Make sure to clean the wall thoroughly before attaching the adhesive.  Do not use any kind of soap because soap tends to leaves a small thin film that will keep the strips from sticking.  

The shelves are reusable.  You can remove them, and then use them again at a later time.  Just make sure to remove the shelf carefully and slowly, so the strips will detach properly.  You can use strong adhesive strips to reuse the shelf.  Once you’ve installed it, make sure to avoid placing anything on it for a couple of days after installation.

This vertical wall organizer is great for apartments, condos, campers, RVs, dorm rooms, cabins, and other small space.  It is perfect for practically every room in your house but particularly great for the bathroom and kitchen.  The bathroom is usually packed with clutter, but this organizer can help minimize the mess.  The kitchen can also be such a huge mess.  There are many kitchen tools to organize. If you want to make it more discreet, you can place it inside closed doors.

Drill Free Over the Door Coat Hanger Organizer

Drill Free Over the Door Coat Hanger Organizer

In the fight against home clutter, hangers and organizers are considerably important.  Hooks are essential as well.  With these simple organizers, you have the instant storage you need.  With a few carefully installed hooks, you can finally say goodbye to clutter, missing keys, and dripping coats.

If you have hallways closets, you’re one of the lucky ones.  Not everyone can enjoy the same thing.  Most people have cramped hallways and narrow entryways.  They’re struggling with storage space.  So, it is not surprising that their homes are filled with clutter. They just don’t know where to place even the most common items like umbrellas, coats, and keys.

Fortunately, you can always just install our Drill Free Over-the-Door Coat Hanger Organizer to solve this problem.  It has six pegs which can carry a lot of weight.  Install a few around your home, and suddenly, you’d know where to place your jackets, bags, and coats.  These hooks are incredibly affordable as well.

You can hang one right on your front door.  You do not even have to drill holes.  There are hooks that can be installed using heavy-duty adhesive tapes.  You can easily hang up coat hangers without creating a dent on your wallet.

This no-drill coat hook converts unused space into useful storage.  They are great for small homes, dorm rooms, and apartments.  You can place them in hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other common areas in your home.  You can hang just about anything.  It is clean, convenient, and a great storage solution.

Made of premium stainless steel 430, it can last for years.  It has a minimalist and modern look to it.  It is stylish and chic.  It is useful, but it adds aesthetic value to your home.  It is heavy-duty and rust resistant, and it can carry a lot of weight without breaking.

These over-the-door hooks are easy to install.  You don’t need to drill as well.  You can place it in your home’s entryway, mudroom, bathroom, closet, garage, laundry room, or just about any room. You can coats, towels, scarves, hats, purses, clothes, and other items.

Small items like over-the-door hooks may be simple, but these finishing touches can turn a house into a home.  Suddenly, your apartment is not just a place you return to for shower and sleep.  It is now a place where you can relax and recuperate.  Installing coat hooks makes your home more organized.  Setting one up by the front door creates instant storage.  It is there to remind you to take your jacket with you to keep you warm when you leave the house.