The Best Montessori Toy for Toddler's Learning Experience

Montessori materials are hardly portable.  Montessori has child-size furniture and low shelves.  There are various materials and activity trays to encourage children to roam around and freely choose their activities.  You can’t take all their activities on the road, but with a Montessori toy, you can finally bring all these activity trays with you.

If you have a spirited toddler, you probably worry about the activities to keep them busy during travels or the long cold months.  You want to encourage imaginative play, which our busy board, Montessori Busy Box Enrichment Education Toy, can offer.

What is a Busy Board?  

A busy board is an activity board covered with all kinds of items like wheels, keys, latches, knobs, locks, and other items that will occupy your kid’s attention and imagination.  Although you can always create your own activity board, you probably don’t have the time to do that.

From the time they’re born, babies use their senses to explore and learn about the world around them.  They touch, taste, smell, see, move, and hear.  Babies and toddlers learn best when their senses are engaged.  Many of our memories are associated with our senses: the smell of campfire invokes summer camping, or a song reminds you of an old boyfriend.  When your senses are stimulated, your brain triggers a memory flashback.

Providing a Montessori toy or activity board will help children use their senses as they explore each item through sensory play.  It is crucial to their development.  Sensory play helps build nerve connections in the child’s brain pathways, which then boost their cognitive growth, gross motor skills, language development, social interaction, and problem-solving skills.  This helps the child improve their ability to complete complex learning tasks.

The five senses that are developed through sensory play include the sense of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing.  However, there are other two kinds of senses that are developed through sensory play: body awareness and balance.

Body awareness or proprioception is the feedback the brain receives from the other parts of the body, including the muscles and joints to help us develop a sense of space.  Balance involves the stimulation of the vestibular system of the inner ear to inform us of the position of our body.

What is Sensory Play?

Sensory play is an activity designed to stimulate your child’s senses, including his sense of touch, smell, touch, taste, movement, balance, sight, and hearing.  It encourages exploration and learning while they play, explore, and investigate.  It allows them to refine the information and create stronger associations and connections.

Initially, children find it hard to play with a peer when there’s so much going on around them.  However, sensory play helps children focus.  They can block out noises that are not important.  They are then able to focus solely on the play with their peer.

It can even help fussy eaters with eating wet foods such as spaghetti.  Sensory play helps the child in smelling, touching, and playing with different texture in the environment.  They are introduced to various textures, and they get used to them.

The child develops an understanding of various textures, and this builds positive pathways in the brain, which tells the child that it is safe to engage with the food.  This then shapes and impacts the kids’ choices and behavior.

What is Sensory Play

Why is Sensory Play Beneficial?

There are five reasons why sensory play is highly beneficial to children.  First off, it helps build nerve connections, which then leads to a child’s ability to comprehend and complete complex learning tasks. It helps a child understand various sensory attributes like hot, cold, sticky, and dry.

It also helps support cognitive development, language growth, problem-solving skills, social interaction, and fine and gross motor skills.  A Montessori toy like this busy board also helps develop and enhance a child’s memory.  It also helps calm highly anxious and frustrated kids.

Kids Love Busy Boards

Have you noticed it?  Give your baby a toy, and he will be more interested in other random stuff.  Kids are drawn to anything that’s not a toy.  This is actually the idea behind busy boards.  They are activity centers that are designed to improve motor skill activity.  They appeal to babies and toddlers because the items attached to these boards are everyday items that kids see around them.  This includes zippers, latches, handles, knobs, and wheels.  The possibilities are endless.

Why Buy the Montessori Busy Box Enrichment Education Toy?

Do you find yourself turning on the television or handing gadgets to your toddler to get a break?  Forget the gadget.  Give your kids the Montessori Busy Box Enrichment Education Toy, and let kids do what they do best – play!

Toys are fun and exciting for kids.  But why limit it to fun and exciting when you can give them toys that are a great source of educational learning as well?  Give your baby a busy board, and this will help with the development of his cognitive and physical skills.

This Montessori Busy Box Enrichment Education Toy will help develop your visual perception as well as fine and gross motor skills.  It will help him understand cause-and-effect and improve his dexterity, perseverance, and memory.

This Fun cube for Toddlers is designed in a way that it will offer different activities that will capture your baby’s attention and keep him busy while you do house chores and other activities.  The items will get him fidgeting for hours.  It’s striking and vibrant.  It offers a sensory stimulus that will help develop his brain development and prepare him for early education.

The Features of the Best Montessori Toy for Toddlers

Montessori Busy Box Enrichment Education Toy

Learning can be easy and fun with this busy board.  Every feature helps with development.  It boosts brain development through play, and help develop creativity, dexterity, memory, coordination, logical thinking, agility, perseverance, agility, sensory, imagination, and motor skills.

It is of premium quality.  It is made from high-quality and durable materials.  The paint is nontoxic, and everything adheres to safety standards, so babies and toddlers can use it.  It perfectly fits your baby’s little chubby hands.

Tacked on the cube are various items that your baby will see around him.  Each of these elements is designed to keep your toddler engaged for hours.  Bring it with you when you travel or go on road trips.  It is a great way to keep your child occupied when you need a few extra hours to finish house chores — no more fussy baby who needs to be entertained.

Based on the Montessori principles, this Montessori Busy Box Enrichment Education Toy encouraged natural learning.  It will help develop his motor skills and logical thinking twice faster than his peers.  The busy board will help encourage hands-on learning, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, self-dressing skills, as well as sensation and perception.