The 3 Must-Have Clothing Organizers That Ladies Must Have

Raise your hand if you shove everything inside your closet. 

Is your closet messy and cluttered?  Does it need organization? 

Maximize your space and eliminate stress with these helpful organization closet tips.

An organized space will help you save time, especially on busy weekdays.  This will keep you from rifling unnecessarily, wasting precious minutes, looking for the perfect outfit and your accessories.

Here are the 3 Must-Have Organizers that you should have:

1.    Foldable and Stackable Folded Clothing Organizer

Get organized with this stackable folded clothing organizer.  You can get your clothes to look neat and clean with this organizer.  Folding clothes and keeping them tidy has never been this easy.

2.    Multiplier Clothing Hanger

This is perfect if you are running out of space.  Hang eight clothing in one hanger.  Keep your clothes looking mint and crisp with this simple organizer.  You will have quick access to your clothes without using up all your closet space.

3.    Ultimate Shoe Organizer

You never need to put your shoe on top of another.  Keep your boots clean and tidy with this nifty shoe organizer.  This organizer is perfect for small homes, rooms, or apartments. You can store a pair of shoe in a space that should fit only one shoe.

These are the closet organizers that you must have today.  They will help keep your storage space organized and tidy. 

But if that’s not enough, here are some tips on how to keep your closet more organized:


Hang Your Accessories

When it comes to organizing bags, hats, and accessories, hooks are your best friend. When grouped together, they can even pass off as an awesome closet décor.

Organize Your Shoes

You have our shoe rack, that’s great. But you might want to organize your shoes by kind of activity. You can even organize them by color – whatever works for you. So, you can always just quickly grab a pair and go.

Prevent Chaos with Shelf Organizers

Shelves are perfect for organizing your closet, but items can easily mix and fall into chaos.  You can prevent your tanks tops from mixing with your shirts when you create dividers.

Create Your Own Storage Boxes

Accessories can become really messy and unruly.  You can prevent this by making or buying your storage boxes.  Place your belts, scarves, and bags in their storage box.  Of course, you can always just buy your own storage boxes, but if you want to save money, you can always just make your own.

Get a Pants Organizer

Wrinkles are the worse!  Just when you thought you could just grab your pants, you’d see wrinkles ruining them.  Don’t cram your pants in with the rest of your wardrobe. Give them their own area with a pants organizer.

String Up Your Sun Glasses

This is a really awesome tip from Emily Schumann.  Give your sunnies somewhere to hang by literally hanging them!  It only takes a few minutes. Strip up a wire, set it on a frame, and create a sunnies display with them.

Wrap Your DIY Storage Boxes in Different Colors

Find jewelry, socks, or accessories easily by wrapping your storage box in different bright paper, so you get an extra dose of happiness every time you open your drawers.

Get Large Stand-up Bins

If you have a walk-in cabinet, keep your closet clean by getting a large stand-up bin - one where you can place removable bags that you can grab when you need to bring the clothes to the washer and a lid to hide used, dirty clothes.

Give Your Totes Their Own Hooks

You don’t want your totes cluttering your home.  Places hooks inside the closet door to hang your totes on.  It is also easier to pick out a purse that matches your outfit.

Organize Your Clothes by Activity

It is a great idea to organize your clothing by activity: work, home, weekend, workout, etc. This way, they will be more organized, and it will be easier for you to pull out clothing.

Have Enough Space for Accessories

People often make the mistake of leaving not enough space for accessories, so their accessories tend to pile up.

Get Matching Hangers

Instead of using mismatched hangers (which frankly are an eyesore!), spray paint existing ones to give them a fresh coat that match.  Your closet will look more cohesive.

Place a Chic Mirror in Your Closet

When you put up a mirror in your closet, you do not need to have to take your clothes out to check your outfit.  You could put items back in the rack or the storage bin after rejecting one item after another.

Use Shower Rings for Your Scarves

Hang shower rings in your closet for your scarves to avoid knotting or major wrinkling.

Use Circle-Shaped Hangers for Your Camisoles

Instead of turning your closet inside and out looking for your camis, you can just hang them on circle-shaped hangers.

Hang Your Clothing Higher

When you hang your clothing bar higher, you can fit more items below. You can even squeeze in an additional drawer, shoe rack, or storage boxes. Make sure to get a stool to avoid having problems with reaching your clothes.

Put Formal Clothes in Garment Bags

If you do not wear your formal clothes much, the best way to protect them is to store them in the back of your closet, but make sure to place them inside garment bags first.

Get a Junk Drawer for Your Closet

No matter how much you try, there will always be one item or two or more that do not fit anywhere or go well with the rest of the items in your closet.  Instead of just shoving them inside your closet, get a junk drawer instead.

Get a Portable Drawer

Chances are you have more clutches, wallets, satchels and other accessories that you can keep track of. Make sure to get a portable drawer that you can tuck under your clothes to get more storage space.

Label Everything

Label everything in your closet.  So, you will know where everything is. It can get confusing if you have several storage bins. You can’t keep on pulling stuff from the bins or drawers to find the clutch that you need.

Leave Empty Space Alone

If there are empty spaces, let them be. Don’t fill them up with just about anything.  You don’t need to use up all the room.  Just make sure to group like things together – pants with pants, and shirts with shirts.

Create Extra Shelves

If there are at least 12 inches between drawers and shelves, you can add extra storage. Make sure to customize shelves and drawers to add more space.

Store Items Based on Category and Frequency of Use

Store clothes based on their use. Group all tops together, all pants together, all dresses together; but to make it even more organized, group them according to use: work, house, workout, night out, etc.  It is the same with other items. Stash items based on their use. Frequently used items should be kept within reach.  Items that are hardly used should be stored way back or higher.